Best Friends | at the nursery

These three girls are some of the most beautiful, genuine people you could ever meet. Karen, this mom, just happens to be my best friend, and her two girls I love as much as my own. We met in high school and traded daily notes about our tumultuous teenage lives, mostly about stupid boy stuff. Then I left for college, she got married and moved to Germany, and we reconnected about 10 years later when she moved back “home”. We both started having babies and as often happens with moms, our friendship grew out of this motherhood comradery. So here we are, 10+ years later, and I can honestly say that she is the type of person I can foresee myself growing old with, like Golden Girls style! I can’t even begin to describe what an extraordinary woman she is. Karen is a full-time working single mom. She is strong, thoughtful, independent, and selfless. She is raising two amazing girls-both full of personality, drive, and beauty (inside and out!).  She is also one of my biggest supporters of my photography, so when I ask her and her girls last minute to meet me at a local garden store, they oblige me! 🙂 I followed these beauties around for about a half an hour and love how their personalities shine! So, here’s to my bestie and her beautiful daughters, love you all so much! <3DSC_2319DSC_2305DSC_2315DSC_2316DSC_2317-2DSC_2333DSC_2334DSC_2336DSC_2320DSC_2343DSC_2349DSC_2355DSC_2359DSC_2362DSC_2363DSC_2366DSC_2368DSC_2369DSC_2371DSC_2370DSC_2307DSC_2381-2DSC_2383DSC_2382-2DSC_2393DSC_2396DSC_2404-2DSC_2407DSC_2411DSC_2412DSC_2427DSC_2430DSC_2440DSC_2451DSC_2464DSC_2468DSC_2471DSC_2473DSC_2474DSC_2318

  • June 1, 2016 - 3:40 pm

    Karen Tripp - If a handle had to fall off a coffee mug, I’m so glad you were there to help pick up the pieces. You inspire me and make me a better person in so many ways- and all three of us are so completely fortunate to have your family in our lives. Thank you for this- I don’t deserve all your praise but thank you. I’ll be the Dorothy to your Blanche any day baby!!!! Hugs and smooches XOXOReplyCancel

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