| the nitty gritty |

How do I book a session?

Just go ahead and fill out the form here and we can start a discussion about your session! Each and every session I do is unique and catered to the individual family. Most sessions are booked through the email process, but I am happy to meet you at your home or for coffee if that works better for you! After we have agreed on a date, a 50% retainer and signed contract is due to get your session on my calendar.

What areas do you serve?

I serve the Rochester and surrounding areas, up to 30 miles from my home base of Victor, New York. Please contact me for travelling further.

Location. Where should I have my session?

You have 2 choices, your home or an outdoor location of your choosing (or mine if you prefer). I have a handful of local spots that I love, but they may not be meaningful for you and your family. If you have an area in mind, let me know! If you are just looking for a pretty backdrop, I have a bunch of awesome spots on my list.

What time of day are sessions?

For in-home sessions, typically during the morning hours. For all outdoor sessions, we meet about 2 hours before sunset. This is when the light is just about perfect for portraits. I realize that in the summer this may mean a later bedtime for the little ones. I always encourage bringing some extra snacks and be prepared for extra cuddles if need be!

What do we wear?

This is probably the one thing you will stress over the most before your session, and you definitely don’t need to! Because I try to capture you and your family as you naturally are, you definitely do not have to go crazy with coordinating your outfits. Simple solid colors work best. Texture is awesome but too many different patterns or graphic t-shirts can be distracting. Wear what makes you comfortable, and especially what makes your kids comfortable. Nothing is more frustrating for a child who is forced to wear something brand new and uncomfortable during a session. Plus, we often get dirty! Don’t forget, I will let your kids play, play, play! That being said, who doesn’t love little dresses and boys in button downs?! Please, feel free to get dressed up, but only if you are ok with a little dirt or water (yes, we often get in the water!). 🙂

What else should I think about before the session?

So it’s the day of your session and you may be feeling nervous and rushed (I get that!). Probably one of the most important things to do is to make sure your kiddos (and parents) are fed about an hour before the session, as well as pack an extra snack to have on hand during the session, just in case. I always carry wipes in my camera bag for extra messy faces. If you have kids that are still at the age for naps, try to fit one in later in the day, so they are refreshed for an evening session. All of my outdoor sessions are done near sunset, which can be later for some littles during the summer months.

What happens at the session? What can I expect?

I love capturing families as they are, to show you the beauty in the connections and details. Depending on your location, it may mean snuggles on your bed or couch at home, playing on the playground in the back yard, throwing rocks into a creek, or just taking a walk in the woods or through a field. Wherever we are, you can expect that I will do a majority of my shooting without even giving any direction at all. Instead I will just talk to you and your family, and let you interact naturally. Kids are inherently curious, loving, and free spirited, and I let them be themselves! I also understand that you will want some images that are more ‘camera aware’, and for those shots I will give a little direction (where to sit or stand), but the connections will come naturally, don’t worry! One thing I definitely will NOT do, is ask you to look at me and smile. I may crack jokes or make myself look silly (it’s not hard for me to do that!), but I am here to put everyone at ease and keep the moments authentic.

What happens after my session?

During the first couple of days following your session, you may see some sneak peeks on the Facebook page. But the real magic comes to your inbox in the form of a digital gallery about 2-3 weeks after your session. For those choosing a full lifestyle moments© session, you can expect your digital gallery in 2-3 weeks, then choose the layout of the cover of your book. Printed products will take about an additional 2 weeks after the digital gallery is delivered.

What about the weather?

I am constantly looking at my weather app the day before and the day of your session. New York weather is so unpredictable, especially in the summer months. I typically will keep your session on, even if it is overcast. But if it is severely overcast, there is threat of rain or if it is raining and you have an outdoor session, we will figure out a rain date. Rain dates are booked within 30 days of your original booked session date.

What is your policy for rescheduling?

I totally understand that in life, things come up! You may have a last minute emergency or illness. While the session retainer is non-refundable, I do allow a one time reschedule of your session, within 30 days of your original booked session date.

other details

All sessions include photographers time and talent, and are for immediate family only. Please contact me for including additional family members.