Lifestyle photography {the what and the why} | Featured session

Lifestyle photography. That term is thrown around a lot these days when you are looking for a photographer to take photos of your family. For many, many years, families have been getting themselves dressed to the nines for their ‘look at the camera and smile’ portraits. We want to look back and see ourselves together with our family, looking our best and ‘looking’ happy. But I have to ask the question: When you look at these types of posed photos, do you feel a connection? Chances are, probably not. Here is where this term lifestyle photography comes in. What is it? There are a few different definitions, but to me lifestyle photography is authentically capturing the personalities and connections of the subjects in the photographs. This particular session is the epitome of lifestyle photography for me. This sweet family of three had me follow them around to locations that were meaningful for them…a family farm, a favorite hiking trail, and a favorite fishing spot. As with all of my lifestyle moment sessions, there was a little direction  at times to get them together, but mostly I just captured them genuinely interacting. There was tons of exploring, snuggling, and connecting.

In terms of locations for your lifestyle moments© session, Summer and Fall are the perfect opportunity to get outside with your family….but don’t forget about your own home as your location. There is nothing more personal to your family than the home you are raising your family in. And when you look at your images years down the road, how much more memorable will those images be when you see your family together connecting in your home?! Newborn sessions are especially perfect for in-home sessions, capturing the essence of those first moments home with your baby. Recently, I got to spend the morning with a beautiful mother of three and you can see some of those images here!

No matter which session you choose, know that when you have a session with Momentologie Photography, your images will reflect the moments, connections, and details that makes your family unique. Below, you will find a selection from a favorite full lifestyle moments© sessions to date! I absolutely LOVE sessions like this, are you ready for yours?!


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