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Momentologie grew out of a desire to fulfill a creative itch while raising my family. Photography is the perfect medium for me because it helps me accomplish two very important things: to create art and to create a visual memoir of moments for my children to look back on forever. In the past I have considered doing a 365 project, where I would capture an image every day of the year, which sounds easy enough but the truth is I don’t pick up my camera everyday. So I have decided 2017 would be my 365 year, however, since I am a rebel I am doing it my own way. It means that I will try to make a picture everyday, but if I don’t I am not going to worry about it because I know the next day I will make ten pictures I love. And my first month went exactly how I thought it would; some days I was happy with one, or ten, or no images. I ended up with a gallery of images I am really proud of, that will be printed for my children. For me that is the most important part of this project- Print. Your. Pictures. In this digital age it is so easy to get caught up in life and forget to do this. Scroll through our moments from January and at the end I will share with you some of my favorite ways to *easily* have your pictures printed!

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Yay! You made it all the way down here! Here’s a quick list of some ways you can get your pictures printed TODAY! *Note: These are my opinions and suggestions, there are so many other options at your fingertips! My point here is that it’s easy and important to print your pictures, so go do it NOW! 😉

  1. Standard Prints: I have many frames throughout my house where I can easily have pictures printed and swap them out every so often. I use a professional printer, but so can you! Mpix is an excellent quality printer at great prices. So go out and buy a few large frames, print out your favorite pictures and display them for all to admire!
  2. Square Prints: The age of Instagram and square images. I have grown to really love my prints that are in the square format. My very favorite place to get square prints is through Artifact Uprising! These prints are more like cards, printed on heavy matte paper. And there are so many fun ways to display them (head on over to Pinterest and type in ‘square print display’ in the search bar!). I add them to a burlap covered cork board in our kitchen and change them up all the time. Occasionally they offer up a free set (just pay shipping) and that helps my stack grow! Speaking of free, I just ordered my first (free! use code FIRST) set from Parabo Press. I haven’t received them yet, but worth a try because it only costs you shipping! Upload right from your phone, people!
  3. Mini-books: Another easy option, right from your phone are Chatbooks! Upload your pictures right from Instagram or Facebook and create a gorgeous and super affordable ($8!) 6×6 mini book! For that price you can create a new book every month if you want! Think about how much we used to spend developing just one roll of film.
  4. Coffee table books: Again, I’m gonna go with Artifact Uprising here. Their books are as beautiful as their prints. I love their large (8 1/2 x11) softcover books. You can choose your layout for each page, add pages and as many images as you want.
  5. See how easy it can be? Even if you only use your phone to take pictures, make today the day you go through all those pictures and print some! Your kids will thank you! 🙂

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